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I was extremely kissable today and do you know how many kisses I received??? ZERO

i’m so bored i actually want to talk about how much sao sucks but no one’s gonna reply to me probably

i’m too lazy to write a detailed review as well………..

fuck when did it become 12? last i checked it was only 8

it’s 12, alright

time goes by fast when you’re doing nothing useful in particular

it’s only 12

why is my dash dead on a saturday night :|

what is sword art online ?????








I concur, to a point. The initial concept was clever, even though it was stolen from the .hack series. Still, having a number of players trapped in a game against their will, and the long-term effects, when they were explored, did strike a number of emotional chords.

The problem with the series, though, is that it assumes that everyone on the “outside” would simply hook their family and friends up to life support, and hope they ended the game successfully.


What would really happen is that you’d see a combined international effort of computer scientists, programmers, game enthusiasts, physicians, and even social media working together through different angles to defeat the overall problem. You would see attempts by the major news networks to pump a live feed into the game, so players could be made aware of their situation. You’d see daily counts of who’s been rescued, who has died, and what level of the game the players had reached. More importantly, you’d see families sending video messages to the trapped gamers, striking a note similar to the videos sent to war veterans serving overseas.

Behind the scenes, you would have hackers, game designers, major corporations, all trying to break into the game, and offer a way for people to fight alongside the survivors without jacking in. This would offer a way for the players to be relieved from combat operations, and reach a rotation between the game, and a virtual world of peace. That would open up the door for players going AWOL, the controversies of conscripting trapped players to go back to defeating the game, the small percentage who would commit suicide rather than return, as well as those who would, after the game was defeated, never want to leave, and try to mimic the world they had left behind outside.

There were so many different directions they could go, but NO! The production team had to go the route of stupid Tinkerbell land.

The part that killed it for me the most, though, is that not once, did you see the main protagonists lose it, and turn to the violence they had learned to cope with in the virtual world once they were on the outside. How classic would it have been to see Kirito go Mad Max on half the people behind the various virtual world schemes? He’d probably be so screwed up by the end of the series, he wouldn’t be able to tell what was real, and what wasn’t.


And what’s worse is the stupid fandom. I tell them how flawed SAO is, and literally any opinion I have or will have is now invalidated because I just don’t understand ‘good things’ like SAO.



Holy shit all of you are retarded. It’s a FANTASY-themed anime/novel/whatever. Real world logic is completely out of the window, so it really doesn’t apply to any sort of factor that makes it good or bad. Maybe if it was trying to be realistic, however I highly doubt that the author is attempting to include even a shred of realism with their story.


Oh look it’s the typical SAO fan.


Educate yourself.


I call EVERYONE a retard and you call me a typical SAO fan.

 Did you even read what I said?

Would you sit there and watch looney toons and complain “Well that wouldn’t happen in real life this is fucking stupid fuck fuck fuck rant rant wall of text im a fucking retard”

oh my god this is fucking killing me SAO fans are trying to justify their shitty anime by talking about its realism when the elements that make SAO shitty have nothing to do with how realistic it is??????

lmao it’s shit because the plot sucks, the characters suck (cept Klein maybe), and the execution sucks. everything sucks except the animation, music, and voice actors and even that is not enough to give SAO higher than a 3/10.

  lmao    sm  


when a fic says nc-17 but they aint even take their clothes off